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Cboe's 50th Anniversary & Brand Refresh Launch 

In early 2023, Cboe celebrated their 50th anniversary and launched a dramatic branding refresh, creating lots of new and exciting projects for the in-house design team! I worked closely with the marketing and communications teams to launch a web campaign for brand awareness, design signage for the global anniversary parties, and create multiple billboards for the launch. This project taught me so much about event design and how to tell the story of brand in a 3D space. Seeing my mockups become a real printed pieces was a valuable experience and has made me an even better designer.


Designing billboards for the brand refresh campaign was a creative challenge that taught me how to push beyond my limits to achieve amazing results. Through collaboration with printers, I was able to produce high-quality marketing materials that captured the essence of the new brand. 

I created hundreds of ads for our biggest campaign, launching our new look and raising brand awareness. There were various audience channels all around the world we targeted by tailoring the messaging and design to fit each platform and subgroup. It was a really interesting challenge to translate our ads in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, but the payoff is amazing to see these ads go global. This project required strict attention to detail and careful organization to deliver hundreds of assets in a small window of time. The below collage shows how our branding stood out on various web channels and tells the story of our rebrand. 
Another brand awareness project I worked on was a sponsorship stadium takeover for the Cubs at Wrigley Field. I designed dozens of screen display's for various Cubs event's where Cboe and our partners showcased logo's and messages. Collaborating with the stadium's team to get every detail perfect for game day was a rewarding process to be a part of. 
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